Jancsó Áron (1986 – † 2015)

Szabadúszó betűtervező és tervezőgrafikus.  Building from scratch is how I like to work, sometimes even designing every single letter of a poster. I prefer shapes and sctructures instead of effects. My style is a blend of modernism, street culture and callygraphy, but it is also very experimental, I'm always searching for new ways of creation. My favorite areas are typeface, identity and poster design.

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Qalto flows and leaps like freestyle jazz. Suited as a strong title or headline font, the letters and ligatures are composed of very thin hairlines and very thick elements. This high contrast conveys a stunning visual effect and a unique optical rhythm. Early on, Aron Jancso realized that “some words have good rhythm and others don’t,” and added stylistic alternatives for every lowercase and uppercase letter.

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If that’s not enough, there are four different weights, so users can use different sizes with the same hairline thickness, which allows for artistic freedom in arrangement and composition.”

Ogaki – 2009

Ogaki is an ultra fat display typeface. Instilled with traits typical to calligraphy and graffiti, Jancso has created an experimental display typeface that is simply sublime and delicately extravagant. The font is available in four weights Poster, for use in large point sizes to create headlines for editorials, posters, logos, and CD covers, Text for setting smaller texts in smaller sizes and their respective Outline versions.

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Create punchy statements with Ogaki in a variety of languages with our different language packages Ogaki Standard, Ogaki Central European and Ogaki Pro which includes both the latter packages.

Sensaway (2010)

Sensaway is a family of 6 weights (light, regular, and heavy and the italics), it features over 420 glyphs and 6 OT features: standard ligatures, contextual alternated, stylistic alternates, oldstyle figures, swashes and small caps. The design features infinite contrast in stroke width, traditional serif anatomy and geometric modernist style.

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The design features infinite contrast in stroke width, traditional serif anatomy and geometric modernist style.

Caligo (2013)

Caligo is an Opentype typeface based on calligraphy done with a parallel pen. It's classic and elegant with a modern twist, featuring flared serifs, lots of ligatures and swashes. It has four styles: poster for large scale, text for small sizes and the corresponding italics. It's great for book cover and signage design where beauty and tradition are important. The font can be used for fashion, jewelries, novels, magazines, and many more.

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